We built Tribu Bar in 2009 and it opened on New Year’s Eve that same year. It was the only finished part of the entire hostel. The bar arose from the need for a human encounters on an island where tourists had not yet arrived. A cultural center, a creative space, a warm place where through activities and events you can have meaningful interactions with both travelers and locals. For more than a decade we had opened our doors to any kind of event, style of music, workshop, concerts; hosting artists from all over the world. We hope that you have as much fun in this space as we had when we could have created it. Mingle with wonderful people, have a drink, and enjoy!



Every Friday and sometimes also on Wednesdays we have live music with all kinds of musical styles: funky, rock, salsa, electro cumbia, jazz and much more. The bar has always been a sweet meet- ing point after being all day on the beach…


Art night was born many years ago with a very precise vision: to create a space for cultural and artistic expression. From photographic exhibitions, theater, cabaret, fire shows, juggling… We struggled at first but now it is one of our favorite nights. You never know what you gonna get


The open mic arose naturally and in the most spontaneous way. By having a cultural space like Tribu Bar, the artists needed at one point one more day (apart from Sunday with our Jam Session) to be able to get together musically. The sweetest thing is that all the exhibitions are improvised on the spot.


Our cocktails? What to say? Every year we have been creating and evolving with new combinations, flavors, and inventions. Every 6 months more or less, we change or renew our menu in order to surprise you every time you visit us. Remember to keep dehydrated 🙂

Would you like to perform in our bar, or organize a workshop, do you have a musical, artistic or cultural show that you would love to share in Tribu. Let us know and send us a message! We are waiting for you…


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